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Just got home from Anime North 2012 yesterday afternoon. As usual it was a fantastic time with it's share of up's and downs. It was my fourth year going, and might be the last for a bit. It's not cheep getting there from where in Canada I live and with con's like ACen being closer it might be something I try next year in place of AN, not that I don't love this con but I would like to try some new ones out and save a bit of money perhaps. There is another reason I'm debating taking a break from AN next year but I'll get to that at the end.

Gonna just touch on the highlights here cause I can blabber on forever in a full review.

- It takes three people not including me to get me into my GE cosplay because of the size of the wings and because it's a lace up bodice, I am deeply grateful to my friends and owe them ice cream for not only helping me once but twice with it.

- Friday it was HOT AS HELL outside and windy too which is really hard when you're in big costumes and did do some damage to my wings with how strong the wind was. In general we walked around a bit but didn't make it too close to the line of doom where most people were because it was just to insanely hot out.

- Got to shoot with liquidcocaine-photos again this year and highly recommend her to anyone at con's she attends. She's really easy to shoot with because of how casual and friendly she is, it makes you feel relaxed and at ease which makes posing and letting go a bit more natural; and her photos are always great. So win, win. Highly recommend her.

- Had two other shoots this weekend, one with a photographer I'd never worked with before but was highly-recommended and I had a great time with. The other with a photographer I have worked with which was a kinda spur of the moment shoot I was lucky enough to get as I was waiting for my friends to come back and as another friend finished her session with him; so expect lots of G.E pictures in the future!

- We were number 94 in the contest, very last, dead last. Which makes for a veerrryyy long night when your a bit de-hydrated (our den mom vanished totally before the contest even started and my wings prevented me from getting water on my own in a small space) and when you have no where to lean properly to rest the weight of the wings. But I stayed positive and upbeat through it all...and promptly stomped on my dress three times on stage like a klutz...but the stage ninja who helped me up the stairs was super nice and funny and a+++ to them again (Winnipeg did good one more, we took home Best in Class Masters and our friend Shushuwafflez took home Best in Show workmanship for her AWESOME Seth cosplay, so everyone congratulate her! she deserves it!)

- Chilled out as ponies when I wasn't in GE and just did dinner and verndors and etc. with my friends which was great fun and I had an awesome time hanging out with them all this year and joking and enjoying the con.

- Cosplay's I saw that I love include someone dressed as a hugging pillow, an awesome demon hunter female cosplay, the historical Cinderella cosplayer from out den in the masq., this one awesome dude who was Big Mac and so country and perfect for it,  and a really great looking Legend of Korra group (though they didn't have an Asami, at least when I saw them, which did make me sad)

So yeah, great time, but as I said might take a break because as you've probably deduced from this the outdoor thing just isn't working for me....I love that it's outside and hate it, it's nice to be outdoors and relax but it's just always it seems to damn hot. WAY to hot often. To the point if you plan on doing any big cosplays you just feel ill by the end of the day from heat and sweat and your costume is damaged by dirt and wind. Basically it's not delicate/big costume friendly and it I lived local I would totally go in just comfy cosplays and enjoy it but since it's a fair travel expense and often was my 'big' con its the one I'm doing big cosplays for so ya, might take at least a year break from attending. We'll also see where I go to school in a few years, who knows, it might become a local con for me by then!!

Happy cosplaying!
LiquidCocaine-Photos Featured By Owner May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
It was great getting to work with you and Angelica again!
If your thinking of going to ACEN, I recommend it. It has a similar feel to Anime North in a lot of ways. Similar attendance numbers, similar layout. And it is much closer for you and the girls to get to than AN.

Glad you had a good time! :)
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